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In today's society more often than not you saw them on a social media site, thought they were attractive, and 23 likes and 5 instant messages later you are out to dinner with a complete stranger.

Well at this point you think that you know them, but as we all know from shows like Catfish...

Come on now, flowers at Food Lion are basically 8$ for a nice set of whatever the heck they are. She has probably never had it done before and girls love flowers we all know that.

Add those two together and you have a recipe for a good start to the evening.

I am not saying suit and tie, but if you are into that go ahead.

However, your date might feel a little uncomfortable if you are over dressed (depending on the situation).

I realized that it had very little to do with the men, but more to do with how the women approached dating.

I am talking about putting effort into planning a nice night for someone you clearly feel something for... Think about things that she likes if you are familiar with her.Now I am not talking about doing the "naked man", but I am talking about giving her a great compliment or taking her to a rooftop garage to watch a sunset or something like that.Don't be that boring guy that is not worth going out with for a second or a third time.This is more of a suggestion, but most of the time if a girl has sex with you after the first date then either she has done that before or you pressured her into it unknowingly (or knowingly). Now if you are looking for a friends with benefits or more of an open relationship type situation be my guest, but if you are looking for something serious I would hold off for a little bit (just from prior experiences).I know calling is one of those things that is super overrated with texting and what not, but a call saying "I had a great time last night" or even "let's do it again soon" will really show the girl that she is special and will lead to many more dates. You find out that you don't like her as much as you thought or vice versa. I promise with any situation there is a silver lining and there is someone out there for anyone and everyone.

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